Conference Poster submission 2016


Have you got any posters about your service or topics related to homeless health that you have prepared for other conferences or educational events? Would you like to dust them off and bring them out of the closet?

Or is there a service development or an educational course dissertation you have done that would make a new poster? Or is there some good practice or an audit you want to share?

We want to hear from you if you do…

For our poster competition we are aiming to have a poster display of A0 or A1 posters (both new or recent) that conference attendees will be able to view over lunchtime on the conference day. This will be an excellent chance to share your work with others, network, and gain some kudos!

The poster competition will be judged on the day by the panel members, and the prize will be a bottle of champagne (or an Amazon £25 voucher). The winner will be announced at the end of the conference day, and you will be called up to collect your prize.

If possible it would help to know in advance whether you intend to bring a poster along (so we can allocate places), and the poster size and topic.

Please see our poster advice document for guidance or how to create a poster, or you are welcome to e-mail us for advice.

If you have your poster saved electronically as a PDF we would be very happy to publish your poster on this site after the event, where it is likely to get multiple views.

Don’t delay, e-mail us today!

The submission guidelines and process is detailed here Poster-guidelines 2016